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2. Role of Tribal Officials and Employees

Who is to Blame for Tribal Backwardness ?

2. Role of Tribal Officials and Employees

Tribals living in Rajasthan’s Adivasi Upyojana Area have very low representation in government administration in comparison to non-tribals. They have little representation in Rajasthan administrative services. For instance, out of 600 recruitments so far done for tribals in state RAS and RTS, only 15—that is 2.5 percent were recruited from southern Rajasthan, and only 3 tribals have made it to Rajasthan administrative services. The tribals of this region have never made it to the Indian Administrative Services even after 59 years of Independence. In other words, there are only a handful of tribal officials and employees from this region. And most among these work under pressure and fear, and they never participate in various activities conducted for the prevention of excesses and exploitation perpetrated on tribal society. Keeping in mind that they have raise their children, they think they would work for their community after they retire from job. This is how the tribal officials and employees have failed in discharging their duty toward their society. But when they smell an opportunity to become MLA and MP, they are seen running around for tickets, in other words, they want to become politicians but not social workers.

These officials and employees have little interaction with their community members. Most of them have become city dwellers, and they never encourage their children to participate in social and religious activities of their community. In other words, they fail to discharge their responsibility toward their community. The tribal officials and employees posted in this area have to face immense pressure from their political masters and have to work under fear as they are transferred by the politicians to serve their party interests and personal ambitions. This fear keeps them from participating in social development activities. They are thus unable to bring awareness among their fellow tribesmen and set an example before the youth. They only bid their time while waiting to complete their service period. But when they retire it is too late as they are unable to contribute anything substantial toward their community.

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