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upcoming activities

Upcoming art/cultural Programs

- Warli art seminar plan
- training for Warli art trainers
- Mahalaxmi & dahanu darshan prmotion
- Culture & cultural activitie Promotion
- reviewing cultureal activities according to present life style & publishing same

Online Updates

- dynamic AYUSH updations
- Updation of AYUSH home page
- New orkut communities to reach more peoples
- Widening the online presense [job alerts, career alerts, business alerts, educational alerts ]
- Cusomized web pages for online presense like edcuation, career, art, toursim & [matrimonial page on trial ]
- daily dynamic mail blast to atttract more concentration to AYUSH activities
- Activity sharing plans for interested members
- connecting to different groups form different localities
- creations of creative benners & mail sign for mail bast
- mail blast plans to ensure coverage of all areas

Upcoming Plans

- AYUSH career guidence program [june]
- Review AYUSH plan & srtategies
- Planning for Career Guidence
- Planning for Warli art seminar programs
- Publishing Dahanu darshan banners in Mahalaxmi yatra & important places
- Reach AYUSH to different locations
- Preparation for AYUSH as NGO registration
- Connect active memebers to support AYUSH activities in varius sectors
- Check for financial support for AYUSH activities

Upcoming education/career related programs

- Preparation of Career Guidence guide book
- Preparation of Business guidebook
- Creation of student & past student database for reference
- preparation of guidelines for Career guidence programm, so any one can conduct programs
- Career guidence Program for Students [ jun 2010]

Our projects

as AYUSH we will be handling all issues related to tribal community. but as initiation & present strenght, capabilties of our group we are concentrating onfollowing areas. after getting expected support from peoples we will increase our work scope.

current areas -
1. educational guidence
2. conecting peoples
3. career guidence
4. sharing cultural information
5. exploring art & artist inforamtion
6. guiding for entrepreneurship
7. debate & discussions of tribal issues
8. promoting tourism in tribal area
9. awarenss about local business opportunities

future areas -
1. Regular culture festivals
2. working for quality education with all organisations
3. working together with all tribal related organisations
4. having good communitcation channel between all tribal peoples
5. unifiding common tribal culture & festivals
6. unity of all tribals under single tribal banner
7. removing dependancies
8. creating confidence in tribal youth
9. ensuring tribal sucess everywhere
10. making tribals to compete with world

these are few future areas of work. will be depend on the responce.

where we work?

as initiation & rsponce from peoples, we started at Dahanu taluka from Thane district. we will be happy to increase our area of work with different localities. so please connncet us with peoples from differetn localities

A. base area [taluka]-

connected areas [taluka] -

expected area of work in future
1. all tribal areas will be connected to work
2. special targate will be for rural areas

[note - above listaed places are from where peoples are connected with AYUSH]

we are happy to expand our activities to your location if interested peoples wish to join us

Our approach

approach is most important thing. the efforts, & quality of work depends on it
so AYUSH team has come up with approach to work smoothly & effectively.

our approaches are -
1. Unified Tribals
2. Educate tribals
3. Compete without any external assitance [ don't depend on assistance]
4. preserve our tribal culture
5. promote ourntribal peoples
6. remove subtribism
7. use latest technology

these approaches are on base of exprience while our working. & are giving good results for us we are sure in future we will be sucess with our objectives with our approach

you can contribute to make our approach effective if you have good ideas.

AYUSH group aims


1. Develop our community economically, educationally, culture & socially with the help of a group of youths.
2. To help out required peoples in all way.
3. To guide rural students in education & business.
4. To rule out old & non related traditional activity & map with present global trend. Unified adivasi culture for global changes.
5. Build strong to compete with rest of world, develop create same thinking in all adivasi.
6. To unified adivasi peoples under one banner.
7. To have unity & show our importance to rest peoples.
8. With traditional business & services according to market trend make changes in you & your business & services.
9. Implement concept "our people our village & our business"
10. Make strong enough in all way our youths of our community, as youth is base of our community, so they can compete with rest of world in future.
11. To share individual excellence & talent for our community, so our society will get benefited.
12. To remove all separatism from our community & form solid unity in our all adivasi peoples.
13. To stop miss guidance of peoples for conversion or any other separatism, which all external authorities are doing.
14. To create our importance & pressure at local level.


१. समजाचि आर्थिक, शैक्षणिक, सान्स्क्रुतिक, समाजिक व नैतिक अशि सर्वान्गिण प्रगति व्हावि म्हणुन समाजातिल तरुण, तरुणी ना एकत्र अनन्याचा प्रयत्न करणे.
२. गरजु विद्यार्थ्याना सगळ्या पद्धतिची मदत करणॆ.
३. ग्रामिण विद्यार्थ्याना शैक्षणिक / व्यावसाय मार्गदर्शन करने.
४. समाजातिल काल बाहाय रुढि, परम्परा, चलिरितित आधुनिक काळासी सुसन्गत असे बदल करुन आदिवसि सन्स्क्रुति म्हनुन पुरस्कार करने.
५. इत्तर समज सोबत स्पर्धा करन्या साठि आपल्या समजाला सर्वोतोपरि सहकार्य करने. व सहकार्य करन्यचि भवना प्रत्येक आदिवसित तयार करणे.
६. आदिवसि य नात्याने सगळा आदिवसि समाज एकत्र आणने.
७. आपल्य समाजात एकता करुन, आपले महत्व इत्तर समाजाला पटवुन देने.
८. पारम्परिक व्यवसाय / उद्योगा सोबत बदलत्या जग सोबत नविन उद्योग धन्द्यात उतर्न्या साठि सहकार्याचि भवना तयार करणॆ.
९. आपले गाव आपले उद्योग आपला व्यव्साय हि भवना तयार करने. आपल्या बन्धवाना सहकार्य करन्यचे आवहान करने.
१०. तरुण वर्ग जो समाजाचा कणा आहे तो सर्वगुन सम्पन्न बन्विने, जेणेकरुण तो इत्तर जगाशि स्पर्धा करु शकेल.
११. आपल्या कडिल वैयक्तिक चान्गल्या गुनान्चा उपयोग आपल्या समाजाला होत अशेल तर तसे करन्याचि भवना तयार करने.
१२. आपल्या समाजतिल भेदभाव नाहिशे करुन अखन्ड आदिवसि समाज् एकत्र अणने.
१३. धर्मान्तर / पन्थ वारि साठि चाललेले प्रयत्न रोखने
१४. स्थानिक पातळिवर आपले वर्चस्व किवा महत्व तयर करुन देने.

about AYUSH 100101

Discussion for AYUSH plan

Good morning friends.

Hope you all are doing well.
I am writing on behalf of AYUSHonline team.

As part of AYUSH activity planning we are arranging discussion with active members
If you want to support AYUSH activities actively, you can attend/participate same.

Discussions topics are –

·         What exactly future activities from AYUSH
·         Internal strategic planning for AYUSH
·         Internal processing in better way for AYUSH
·         Area in which AYUSH can work
·         Methods to Improve penetration of AYUSH in our community

Venue –

·         Date – 26th dec 2009 
·         Time – to 5pm (any time you can join)
·         Place – Waghadi, Tal – Dahanu, Dist – Thane, Maharashtra

Participation –
·         attend & discuss in meeting
·         Send your opinions
·         Send your topics & queries

Please if you have any points regarding these topics, write me back I will discuss on your points & will revert back.

If you think any other important issue for our AYUSH please send.
Hope you will support AYUSH actively.

Thanks & regards

AYUSHonline team

Note - This session is exclusively for active members, who are interested for active participation in AYUSH activities.

AYUSH - parisar kasa program

AYUSH - about carer guidence program

AYUSH career guidence program intro

Career guidence kasa program - vasant bhasara

career guidence kasa program - ramesh hengadi 1

career guidence kasa program - sunil parhad 2

career guidence kasa program - ramesh hengadi_2

career guidence kasa program - sunil parhad 1

career guidence kasa program - devu kamadi

Career guidence kasa program - ambat

Career guidence kasa program - Viraj Gadag

about AYUSHonline



There many friends who wants to know about AYUSH activities & support our activities by all possible ways.
We appreciates their efforts. Many times it is not possible to all members to attend all our programs/meetings etc.
So we should some regular communication channel between us to communicate all AYUSH related issues to you all.
So AYUSH team come up with new solution called “AYUSHonline”
We will have monthly collection of AYUSH related activities in that particular month & will be circulated to all.
So all friends can know regularly without affecting their own schedule.
& by this monthly issue we will start some other topics to like general discussion, cultural information, individual introductions etc.
We will happy to receive any feedback from you to improve our communication & effectiveness.


Need –
1. to communicate all AYUSH related issues to you.
2. communicate all issues discuss in get together/meetings to, so it will be helpful for those who are not able to attend AYUSH meeting/get together.
3. we need to remove dependability on individuals.
4. we want to prove just presence in meeting & get together is not enough.
5. we are here to prove “we can do in better way even we are unable to attend meetings & get together due to my own constraints”
6. we are here to transfer effort of those who are located away from our region physically, but wanted to do some activities for our community.


Will do –
1. Communicate all AYUSH related issues to you
2. Send all discussion topics for all meetings/get together
3. Create different discussions & will forward you updates on same
4. collect feedback & forward to all
5. publish monthly AYUSHonline
6. improve the penetration of AYUSHonline
7. Support AYUSH activities online by creating online groups & forums
8. Form pool of AYUSH supporters


We are –
1. Your success in your individual life is our aim
2. Expecting your support to our activities after maintaining your schedules & work
3. Ensuring your regular schedule won’t affect by us
4. To communicate different issues with all related peoples
5. To have good frequency among you all


Our outputs –
1. AYUSHonline (monthly)
2. AYUSHsms blast
Results in good communication between you & AYUSH
Regular updates of AYUSH activities
Discussions on important topics
All members feedbacks to find good way
Good understanding among members
Supporting AYUSH activities with your regular work
Supporting AYUSH from your remote locations

You can –

1. Support AYUSHonline activities in free available time(without affecting your schedule)
2. Suggest improvements on present methods
3. Send feedbacks to running discussions
4. Help us to increase our coverage & to reach more peoples
5. Help to AYUSH activities in possible ways
6. Suggest some innovative ideas to make all things run smoothly
7. Inform us what you can do for AYUSH


about 8th aug 09 get together

hi friends

about 8th aug get together
place - ashagadh school
members attended - about 35
female attendees are apreciable in this get together

get together was really good.
agenda of meeting
1. personal introduction by all attendies
2. introduction to AYUSH by VIraj Gadag & Dr. Sunil Parhad
3. Personal Opinion By Dr. Sunil Parhad (Doctor, Relience Energy Dahanu, DTPS)
4. Peronal Opinion & Plan for AYUSH by Sachin Satvi (Research Engineer, Hyundai Motors Hyderabad)
5. personal Opinion by Mr. Padavale (ex - tahasildar)
6. peronal opinion by mr. karabat (district head adivasi samajonnati sangh)
7. Peronal experience by mrs. Dhak (teacher)
8. Perosonal experience & opinion by all attendies
will update you all discussed points soon

thanks & regards


stills from get together are attached

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