Jal Jangal Jamin Jiv.... Adivasitva

upcoming activities

Upcoming art/cultural Programs

- Warli art seminar plan
- training for Warli art trainers
- Mahalaxmi & dahanu darshan prmotion
- Culture & cultural activitie Promotion
- reviewing cultureal activities according to present life style & publishing same

Online Updates

- dynamic AYUSH updations
- Updation of AYUSH home page
- New orkut communities to reach more peoples
- Widening the online presense [job alerts, career alerts, business alerts, educational alerts ]
- Cusomized web pages for online presense like edcuation, career, art, toursim & [matrimonial page on trial ]
- daily dynamic mail blast to atttract more concentration to AYUSH activities
- Activity sharing plans for interested members
- connecting to different groups form different localities
- creations of creative benners & mail sign for mail bast
- mail blast plans to ensure coverage of all areas

Upcoming Plans

- AYUSH career guidence program [june]
- Review AYUSH plan & srtategies
- Planning for Career Guidence
- Planning for Warli art seminar programs
- Publishing Dahanu darshan banners in Mahalaxmi yatra & important places
- Reach AYUSH to different locations
- Preparation for AYUSH as NGO registration
- Connect active memebers to support AYUSH activities in varius sectors
- Check for financial support for AYUSH activities

Upcoming education/career related programs

- Preparation of Career Guidence guide book
- Preparation of Business guidebook
- Creation of student & past student database for reference
- preparation of guidelines for Career guidence programm, so any one can conduct programs
- Career guidence Program for Students [ jun 2010]

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