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Intellectual Property Right

Pride of working with AYUSH for tribal empowerment! Let us do it together! 
AYUSH started process it in 2010, now at final stage of registration
Intellectual Property Rights For Tribal Art (Warli Painting)
Warli art, Tribal cultural intellectual

आयुश ने २०१० पासून चालू केलेली  नोंदणी प्रक्रिया आता अंतिम टप्प्यात आली आहे. 
बौद्धिक संपदा कायद्या नुसार आदिवासी कला (वारली चित्रकला) चे स्वामित्व आदिवासी समाजाला मिळणार 
वारली चित्रकला हि आदिवासींची बौद्धिक संपदा आहे 
आदिवासी समाजासाठी आयुश सोबत कार्य केल्याचे समाधान! चला आदिवासी एकात्मते कडे

Great News & mile Stone for Tribal Intellectuals!
Congratulations for team who spent their efforts/time/money/intellectual for this noble cause.
We are sure. This move will create positive & constructive impact for tribal empowerment. Sharing information for your knowledge.

Few things about Intellectual Property Right Registration of Warli Art

§  Activities : We initiated this process early in 2010, After various internal & external activities/workshop/meetings/study we filled application for IPR rights in 2011. As per official process, it is published in Journal & now at Final stage. (Soon we will Receive it!)
§  Objective : To obtain legal status of Intellectual Property Rights by Tribal Community
§  Vision & Mission :
Maati (Earth)  - Preserving Tribal Culture & tradition
Paani (Water) – Skill & competency Development for future trends
Chavul (Rice) – Social Returns to Community & tribal Artisans

§  Long Term Plan : (Tribals Own “Puplic, Private, Community” Partnership initiative)
Maati (Earth)  - Warli Art Museum, Research & Development Center, Tribal Art & Culture Education system
Paani (Water) – Warli Art School, Artist Skill Development Center, Tribal Art Gallery
Chavul (Rice) – Social entrepreneurship Development Center, Tribal Art Sale & Service Network
§  Benefits :
-    Legal identity for Warli Art & Preserving Community Intellectual Right
-    Through Branding & strengthening Network Tribal Artisans will get direct benefits
-    To establish as career/employment/entrepreneurship opportunity to tribal youth for future
-    Helpful Preserve and promote Tribal cultural values to next generation

§  IPR registration Initiated by :
-    AYUSH | Adivasi Yuva Shakti : Online Group of tribal intellectuals for Tribal empowerment
-    Adivasi Yuva Seva Sangh : AYUSH initiative, Registered under Society registration act 1860
-    Warli Art Foundation : AYUSH initiative, Tribals own Non Profit Company (Registration in process)

§  Sponsor : (AYUSH Group Individual Voluntary contribution) Not yet sponsored by any Govt/Private Organization

§  Expectations :
-  Let us come together to save Tribal Intellectual, Let us do it together!

Million Thanks those who supported directly & indirectly to this noble cause, Our next generations definitely will remember these efforts

Sent for your information. Let us spread positive & constructive awareness for Tribal empowerment. We are doing proudly, Let us do it together!

AYUSHonline team
proudly tribal for Tribals

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