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Welcome to AYUSH Group

Welcome to AYUSH Group!

AYUSH is social networking platform to promote collaborative & constructive approach of Tribal Empowerment by knowledge & skill sharing. 
Aim to utilize and translate all individual/organisational energies to common vision & mission of Sustainable Tribal Development
Expecting you to initiate similar effort at your level. Lets do it together!  
AYUSH team works on principle of back to community on volunteer basis!
Goal : Towards better planet for all (Nature, Animals & Humans)

Major Objectives: Tribal Empowerment - Establish knowledge & skill sharing pool to Educational/Career/Professional success of tribal youth
Strengthening Social Responsibility awareness towards common constructive platform for Tribal Empowerment
- Encouragement to Preserve and promote Traditional Knowledge of Tribal communities (Cultural values, Art, handicrafts, Music, Medicines, Language, Lifestyle, Social Integrity, Sustainability, Economy, Etc)
- Efforts to Preserve Nature, Resources, Human & Planet. earth as one family !
Its your platform, welcoming your views/suggestions/opinions to enhance activities (mail us at
Let us establish common platform for Tribal empowerment, Let us do it together!

Thanks & regards
AYUSHonline team
Adivasi Yuva Shakti
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Note : To know more about AYUSH activities google search by “adiyuva”.  Lets spread social responsibility awareness!

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