Jal Jangal Jamin Jiv.... Adivasitva

Our netive toungue, boli bhasha

The words are very important in communication. Now days many people’s won’t consider the language much. Expression of feelings is most important in communication. Every where we can find cocktail of English or other languages. And it is natural if anyone speaks in our native language we can feel closeness.


We have fear that In war of this languages our native language [boli bhasha] may not be carry forward to next generation or it may be vanish soon. So to have just basic information about our boli bhasha young generation should use at least few basic words in regular communication. It is very easy to use for greetings on orkut, sms, mail or any massaging service. So at least it will be known by next generation.


As there are many local languages as per locality in thane district. it is advisable to use common words instead of using particular. So we can have one common native language among all tribal’s in Thane rural area.


We are starting this session to motivate peoples to use our local language [at least few words] in regular life. To know few basic words we are created list. Requesting you to send few more words which you find more important for regular communication. So we can use while chatting, sms, mail, or scrap etc etc.

Enjoy our boli bhasha!!! 


Advantages –

1.    Closeness

2.    Culture & language preservation

3. Native language will be known by urban peoples


Do’s –

1.    Use common words instead of particular

2.    Use basic words mixing with regular languages

3.    Can be use for Wishing, greeting to anyone

4.    Use simple words [generalize]

5.    Send few more words & meanings which are important for communication


Don’t –

1.    Ignore the particular words which are difficult to understand to others

2.    Avoid writing in complex form

aapali boli apala avaaj!




Thane tribal boli


Hi, how are you?

Namaskar, kasa aahes?

-      ay, kasak aahes?


I am fine, what about you?

Mi majet aahe, aani tu kasa aahes?

-      Mi bes aahu na tu kasak?


How is life?

Kase chalu aahe?

-      Baki kasa chalu aahe?


All things are fine

Sagale majet aahe

-      Asaga/sagala bes aahe


How is study?

Abhyas kasa chalalay?

-      Abhyas karitos/karatos ka nay re?


Quite good

Bara chalu aahe

-      Ho karitu/karatu


How is job?

Nokari kasha chalaliy?

-      Na kaam kasak chalu aahe?


Going good as usual

Nehami sarakhi mast chalu aahe

-      Bes chalu aahe


When you will back to home?

Gavala kadhi yenar ?

-      Ghara kavha yeshil?


Will back to home this month end

Hya mahinyacha shevati yenar

-      Ye mahanyache shevatala yen

-      Ye mahineche shevati iyechu aahu


How is health?

Tabiyet kashi aahe?

-      tabet kasik aahe ra?


I am absolutely fine now

Ata ekadam bara aahe

-      Bes aahe


How are the parents?

Gahrachi mandali kashi aahe?

-      Gharachi manasa kasik aahat?


All are good, was remembering you

Sagale majet aahet, tujhi athavan kadhat hote

-      Sagali bes aha tuza athav kadhalata


I really miss our village

Mala kharach gavachi khup atahvan yetey

-      Mana gavcha faar aathav yey


Don’t forgot our village & our peoples

Apale gaav aani apali manase visaru nakos

-      Aple gavala na lokhana visarjos nook hav


We need to do lot for our peoples

Aplyana apalya samaja sathi khup kaahi karayache aahe

-      Apalehl aple lokan sathi buhu kam karayacha aahe

-      Aplyana apale loka sathi faar kahi karaycha aahe


Correct, anyone can earn money but thinking about community only few of them

Agadi barobar aahe, paise kunihi kamavato, samajacha vichar karanare khup kami aahet

-      Barobar aahe, pais ta koniho kamavita, pan aple lokancha vichar karnari manasa far thodi aahat


AYUSH group is doing quite well for our peoples

AYUSH khup chhan kam karat aahe aplya samaja sathi

-      AYUSH vali pora bes kaam karataha aple lokha sathi


Yeah AYUSH needs peoples like you so we can work more effectively

Ho barobar aahe, aplya sarakhi hushar manase asali tar aankhin khup chhan kam karu shakato

-      Hmm. Pan tujhe sarakhi hushar pora milali tar aajhuk paka bes kaam karval


I will be always with AYUSH for all activities & also will inform to my friends about

Mi AYUSH chya sagalya karyakramat sahbhagi hoin aani majhya mitrana hi kalven

-      Mi ta AYUSH che kama sathi kavha ho tayaruch aahu. Na majhe mitra na ho sangan


Thanks buddy, nice to talk to you, keep scraping

Dhanyavad mitra, chhan vatale bolun, scrap karat raha

-      Bes aahe. Bara vatala bolun. Lihajos scrap haav


Take care, see you,  bye

Kalaji ghe, punha bhetu, bye

-      Bes rehe. Bhetu parat. Jay atha


Morning, Afternoon, evening, night

Sakal, dupar, sandhyakal, ratr

-      Sakal, dupar, yalache, raatiche

-      Sakal, dufar. Sanj, raat


Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack

Nashta, jevan, jevan, faral

-      Nyahari, jevan, jevan, khavu


Mother, Father, Brother, sister

Aayi, baba, dada, tayi

-      Aayi, aba, baba, tayi

-      Aaya, baba, dada, taayi





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