Jal Jangal Jamin Jiv.... Adivasitva


It is important to know why we started AYUSH although there are number of organisations/groups/individuals working for tribal community.

• To bring together all individuals, groups, organizations and initiatives that believe in innovation and development of tribal’s, and to translate their energies into achievements that impact the way and quality of life and society.

• We utilise our talent / skill / free available time for community development work

• We are here to build future for tribal students

• We act as common platform to work for tribal success irrespective of particular organisation or subtribe

• Our group is fully owned by Tribal’s & we priorities the issues of tribal’s which are really important for development of tribal community

• To preserve & promote our art & culture to modern life style

• To utilise technology/internet for community development work

• To ensure tribal success

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