Jal Jangal Jamin Jiv.... Adivasitva

do something ..its time.

do something ..its time.

By - Yogesh Sapate moderator - Adivasi engineers & doctors community
My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Great to see you all, highly educated, young, tribal’s gathered here again. This community is going to help you to build your good career, educate you about the current scenario of our community, and give you a platform to share your ideas n thoughts and also help you to implement them. This is the main motto behind creating this community.

When a person is born some identity sticks to him/her since that moment. Those identities are surname, religion, caste and community. We all are here from tribal community and we all know that our community is not much developed yet. It is still facing problem like illiteracy, superstition, etc.

One day you will secure higher position in your field, will achieve success…. Good for you.

After fulfilling your dreams you shouldn’t forget your community. Because in this society you are going to known by your surname and it clearly indicate your community. So you being at a good position and your community at lower position, it does not feel good, isn’t it??

So I am requesting you do something to help our people before it’s too late. I am not asking you to sacrifies lots for this, You’ll have to just ask yourself , ”what can I do for my community ??” and you will surely have a answer at your level . Think over it and then try to implement your ideas and do share it with us so that we also can be of some help to you.

It’s time to do something for OUR people.

So wake up and start working.

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