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Warli art -

Warli paintings of Maharashtra, India are the foremost tribal art in the Indian Territory. The origin of Warli tribe goes back to Neolithic period between 2500 BC and 3000 BC.

These paintings capture the life of the tribes and offer a valuable insight into the lifestyle of the tribes. Whenever a wedding or birth ceremony takes place in the tribe, we celebrate it by adorning our houses with fascinating designs. Even during the harvesting season, paintings and designs on the walls are the most common method of celebration.

This painting is drawn by tribals from Thane district, namely Warli, Malhar koli, Kathodi, Kokna, etc

AYUSH for the warli painters -

We help needy art students and tribal artists in their career as the we are only group which represent real tribal artists on internet in the interest of meeting today`s needs.

If you would like to know more about warli art, the artists and/or you are interested in purchasing or learn to make warli paintings, please, visit the following website: http://warli.adiyuva.in/

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