will you please introduce yourself?


hi friends, hope you are doing well.


we are happy to write you. our google group member number. reach to 445.

is good to see you all, please help us to keep update & use full our group.

few things to remind you.


a. Introduction -

as many memebrs joined recently, requesting you to have introduction between us.

so please send reply to ayush@adiyuva.in & after combining all introductions together we will send to total group, expected details are

1. your name -

2. home town / present location -

3. education / profession -

4. any other information - 

it will help us to know each other,



b. refer your friends to join our group[ prefferably tribals] -

- as you know this group is for all tribal professionals to connect them to students for knowledge sharing. so we can guide our students for there bright future.

- so requesting you to connect us to more tribals, please refer your friends to join this group, please send name & mail id so we can add them to our group. [ adiyuva@gmail.com ]


c.  Activity of group -

as you know we are in touch by mail only, so requesting you to keep active our group by sending mails about

1. Individual opinions & important information

2. tribal related news

3. career related issues

4. tribal community related issues

5. any other topics which can be important to tribals


so hope you will be activily participating to keep our group active

to send mail to our group mail id is adivasi_yuva_shakti@yahoogroups.com   & it will be automaticallu deliver to all memebrs in our group. [ presently we have 445 members connected by this group, & getting connceted new members daily]



hope we all will rock our group!

thanks & regards



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